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A checklist to help you make videos you're proud of!


Tracy has spent over 2500 hours making videos and building her own personal brand as an award winning YouTube Vlogger. She has gained massive exposure with video touting over 24,000 subscribers and 2.3 million video views. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, YFS Magazine and dozens of other publications and podcasts. She worked with big name brands like L'Oreal, Turkish Airlines, and Marc Jacobs before switching focus to work with online entrepreneurs! She helps them up-level their marketing by leverage the power of video to get SUPER DEE DUPER visible in the online world.

When she is not coaching or talking to a camera lens you can find her nose in a book. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership. Her area of research: Female Entrepreneurship of course!

Did you know that by 2017 80% of online content will be VIDEO?
Yes! That means, if there was ever a time to start making videos - its NOW!

Shane Melaugh

I chose to work with Tracy because she is THE coach for everything video. She really cares about your unique desires and is extremely creative and totally accessible while I was working with her. I highly recommend her coaching if you're looking to LEAP ahead in your business. 

Beth K. - Video Consultant

Shane Melaugh

I also didn't realize how important it was as a coach to create videos and connect with my clients. Tracy has elevated my video presence and shared so many intricate  methods that has enhanced my video production and the delivery of message as a Coach! Tracy teaches you how to be your own celebrity and dominate the online industry with captivating videos!

Kim B. - Abundant Life Coach

Shane Melaugh

Whether it be advice on video stuff or marketing stuff, this isn’t just video coaching, Tracy is truly a life coach helping me get the best out of my life and business. This girl is the epitome of #girlboss, and she knows what she’s talking about.

Ayesha L. - International Makeup Artist