Now, I know that podcasts are totally a cool thing, but…hey!!! I’m a creative, and I am always trying to go against the grain and do something different and THIS IS IT!

ASK TRACYT TV!!! Whooo hooooo!!!! Doing my little dance over here, hehehe.

If a podcast and a video had a baby, it would be THIS!!! (at least in my world hehehe)

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So, what’s in this episode?

Well, Nicolya asks how to be more creative as an entrepreneur and Conecia asks how do you know who you should hire on your team.

Both GREATTT questions, here is why:

Creativity is a major KEY in standing out online in a sea of successfuls and hiring new team members is a sure sign that you are ready to uplevel to bigger and better things.

So, if you want to hear my full A’s to their Q’s then hop on over to the video. Then, discuss in the comments section how you are choosing to be creative, or who you hired first to grow your business! The world is waiting to know!!!


Tracy Timberlake


PS…if you prefer audio (cuz maybe you’re driving in the car and wanna listen) then don’t worry!!! I got you!