If you caught Monday’s LIVE stream, then you probably heard me say this statement…

And I get questions like this all the time:

  • How do I get more subscribers on YouTube?
  • How do I get brands to sponsor me?
  • How do I get more followers on Instagram?
Really??? Thats ALL you want out of life?
It’s an issue! Seriously!As a YouTuber myself, THIS was one of the reasons why I almost quit YouTube….and for the first time ever, I’m spilling all the beans! Coffee beans, lima beans, green beans, pinto –every single last one of them!


Because there is this misconception that large amounts of followers automatically = large amounts of money.


But why in the world is it what people are trying to achieve? Tens of thousands of followers, and no cashflow?

Who wants to be Branded and Broke?

Not me!!!

And I am not gonna let that happen to you either!

So, I am not only going to talk about the problem, but I am also talking about the solution (which is MUCH more important, am I right?)

Checkout the replay of my #BrandedandBroke Livestream and I will let you in on my confessions of a broke YouTuber. Because I believed the hype too!!! Until I got sick of working 2 jobs to support my very expensive hobby!

Now, I work no jobs! LOL and life is so much better! You can make videos and make money, but there is a right way to do it! And thats what I am sharing!

Talk soon,