Just a little over a year ago I officially launched my first course. Three sold out courses, national speaking gigs, dozens of radio, magazine, newpaper, and podcasts features later…I am blown away!

Not because it happened…I have learned to trust in the power of my purpose and know that all of these things came in to my experience simply because I said “YES” to the call.
I am blown away when I think about how incredibly AWESOME it has all been!!! I want to remember all of it! I never wanna forget how amazing life can be when you choose to build a passion-based life and focus on being true to your calling.

So…I get asked this question a lot. What are some of the things you have learned in your first year in business? There are 5 major things which I thought I would talk about here.



1. You really can have whatever you want. But it’s going to require that you do things differently. Your current strategy is perfectly crafted to get the results you are getting. Which means… If you take inventory of your life and your not where you wanna be, then it’s time for new strategy. You have to do a self-audit regularly…whatever that looks like for you in the stage you are in. I have had to do it monthly, weekly, even daily sometimes! They are like mini-SWOTs to see what things need to change in order to achieve my goals.


2. Believing in yourself is probably 90% of success. Belief in yourself means that you take risks. You jump first and trust that the net will appear. We weren’t created to think we would fail. Think about it. Children don’t have that problem. Just watch them run, and jump, and play. They believe they are superheroes! We lost that somewhere along the way.. If you can get back to being as a child… Make believe until it manifests, then you’ve figured out a great key to success, my friend!


3. Collaboration makes you get there faster. I wouldn’t be where I am without coaches I hired. This is the honest truth. No sales pitch here. Trying to figure out stuff you’ve never done before with Google and dream will leave you frustrated, and it will take 10x as long to get to where u wanna go.


Who has time for that? 


And deep down you know this too! There are thousands out there who are willing and able to give you the support you need. Do yourself a favor. Do your family, or your future family a favor. Stop resisting! Find a coach/mentor that will hold space for your success and fast track you there. Anything less than that is not valuing yourself or your dream enough to go all in. Doing that is doing yourself a disservice.


4. Haters exists. I actually don’t like giving credence to this because a part of me refuses to acknowledge their existence, but it’s true. Which circles back to #2 and #3. Believing in yourself will give you the mindset you need to ignore them and having a coach that can walk you through what that looks like when you’re struggling is imperative. I’ve experienced this…on more than one occasion.


5. Most people just don’t have it. That special spark. That je ne sais quoi. It’s not because they aren’t special. It’s not because they aren’t born amazing. It’s not even because they can’t… Its cuz they won’t. I think all people are born to be great. But becoming great is often dressed up in overalls and looks like hard work and hustle. People don’t wanna role their sleeves up to do what it takes. People want easy. People like comfort zones. And people create their own “stuck.”


But there is good news!!!
These are all choices. You can make the decision to choose differently! 


So there it is…5 things. After writing them, I probably have at least 20 more things I can talk about hahaha…so who knows, there might actually be a part 2 to this! We will see!


Now off to get some work done and operate in my own zone of genius. I hope you do the same!!!




Tracy Timberlake