How does one get clients? Maybe you have heard this:

Post in Facebook Groups 3-5 times a day

Post on Instagram and and don’t forget to use 19,000 hashtags

Email your list everyday, and send private messages to 5 people each week

Sure! Some of those are solid strategies! It works! But here is the caveat, unless your business is raking in enough cashflow to hire a social media manager + a VA + a copywriter you are going to be spending A LOT of time doing all of the above, essentially back to trading dollars for hours again. No one wants that!

And that is why I always recommend VIDEO! Yes! I am partial, and I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Um….Tracy, doesn’t video take more time???

My answer: yes...and no.

Yes! It does take more time in the beginning - you will have to get yourself together, plan the script, film it, edit it, upload it, share it. But after that, its a one and done deal! It literally lives on the internet forever (until you take it down). And get this, according to Aberdeen Research, brands that use video get 41% more web traffic than those who don’t! More web traffic = more potential clients & customers. We all want that, right?

As if that wasn’t enough in and of itself, let me give you 4 more reasons why you need to start making videos for your business.

  1. Shareability - video is so popular because its content that is easily shareable, especially with mobile devices. Think about how many times you have watched a video on your phone or your ipad! If you are doing it, guess what? Nearly 80% of the rest of the population is doing it it too! So when you are making videos make sure you do 2 things: create content that is so amazing people wanna share it and secondly, ask for the share! People are more likely to do something if you ask. So don’t forget to include that somewhere in your script!

  2. Build that “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that all entrepreneurs need to have in order to attract clients. If you want people to know you exist and trust that you are indeed an expert, there is no faster way to do that than with video! You know why? You become a real person, not just a picture on a page with some black and white text! Now they can see you for who you are. Energy transfers, and video is the next best thing to seeing someone live! Every time I have 1:1 Top Tier Intensives, all of my clients tell me the same thing “OMG! I feel like I have known you forever!” or “You are exactly the same as in your videos!” And this is exactly what I want! People get to know me, before actually deciding to work with me. Videos do all of my selling for me, so I don’t have to!

  3. SEO - we already talked about the benefits of increased website traffic, but did you know that Google actually wants you to have videos on your site? And if you are embedding YouTube videos - its a wrap! Google search algorithms (I like to call them Google-bots) are constantly patrolling the internet for good stuff! They want to make sure people are seeing the highest rated, most relevant content in a search. YouTube is doing the same thing on their site! So when you have nice, keyword rich text on your website/blog posts AND combine that with some amazing content from a YouTube video, you officially have hacked the system. Well, not really hacked, but you have given yourself a nice boost in any internet search. Showing up on that first page of a search is coveted internet real estate my friend!

  4. Conversion Rates - what kind of Video Marketing Strategist would I be if I didn’t talk about conversion rates? Internet marketing is all a numbers game, people! How many of of this do I need to make that! So, lemme give you some quick stats:

  • Video can help grow your business up to 49% faster (Aberdeen)

  • Video is a proven to increase conversion on landing pages by 80% (Unbounce)

  • Video is proven to convert better than written copy (MarketingProfs)

  • Industry average website conversion is 2.9%. Conversion rate for website using video is 4.8% (Aberdeen)

How ‘bout them apples!? Videos can be your business bestie! They will work for you and promote your stuff even when you’re not paying attention!

I hope that was enough to convince you of this one fact: If you are NOT using video in your business you are leaving money on the table!

To give you a little more help, here is my 6-Step Guide to Good Videos. That will show you how you can get started making videos that are brand worthy and ready for the world to see!

Until next time!​

Tracy Timberlake

Tracy has created a way to convert video views into revenue. Her passion for video quality & conversion has earned her the ability to identify what areas of your videos need optimizing. See through her eyes how she has used these techniques to attract subscribers and turn them into clients. Plus learn the same techniques she uses to turn views into revenue. CLICK HERE