Everyone keeps talking about how awesome YouTube is for marketing your business. 4 Billion views everyday, but you uploaded a video and it got a whopping 45 views in 3 weeks! What gives?! Don't worry friend!!! Here are 3 ways to get more video views.

1. You aren't making videos people are searching for.

Sure! The content may be awesome, but remember YouTube is a search engine! 70% of all video traffic is something people have gone into the search bar and deliberately looked for. If you're video is titled "Kick Fear Out of Your Life" will not get many organic views because no one is googling that.

2. Good videos lead to more good videos.

If your videos are awesome people will wanna see more of 'em! When I say awesome, I don't just mean content. The best content in the world will not be watched if the quality sucks. Bad lighting, poor sound, it all counts. People expect excellent quality these days. Not saying thats good or bad, just saying it is what it is. So be on brand with your visuals.

3. No Marketing Strategy

Youtube is great and all, but we can still be our own advocates here, right?. Make sure you have a clear cut way of marketing your videos once you have uploaded. Send it to your email list. Tweet it out. Create a 15 second trailer for Instagram or Facebook and drive them to your YouTube channel to watch the whole video (I do this often. It works!). I don't recommend posting links directly on Facebook - they hate that.

Don't forget to ask others to share it too!!! If you ask them they are more likely to do it 🙂

Happy video making!!!


Tracy Timberlake

Youtuber & Video Marketing Strategist