I feel so blessed to have worked with amazing clients. See what they are saying here…


I had my FIRST breakthrough in my business by working with Tracy. I had tried many coaches before but never made progress.
I felt really supported working with Tracy. She helped me all the way from my mindset to my business. She is amazing. I have already recommended Tracy to others and will continue to do so because she genuinely cares about her clients and helping them.

Author and Personal Development Coach

She speaks the truth. Tracy is the best in her field with a never ending drive and determination for her craft and a huge giving heart that she shares with not only her clients but anyone who is willing to passionately strive towards building a life that matters to them. She is the business building mentor that you want in your corner. Trust me.

Jacqueline Jax

Radio Host

I chose to work with Tracy because she is THE coach for everything video. She really cares about your unique desires and is extremely creative and was totally accessible while I was working with her. I highly recommend her coaching if you’re looking to LEAP ahead in your business.

Beth K.

Video Consultant

What a genius!  The more we talked the more I thought….What a beautiful person.  When I asked for her expert business guidance I then thought….What a powerhouse ultimate package of a human being!!!!  Her expert advice landed my first 4 figure sale in less than a week ($3000)!  Whatever magic she has she needs to bottle it and mail me cases by the hundreds. I am forever a fan.

Sajari Q.

Brand Alignment Specialist

I knew nothing about creating videos in the beginning. Tracy walked me through EVERYTHING from setting up my channel to creating videos in an awkward space (and being okay with it) to understanding how to use video editing software, and putting it out to the world. She has used video to attract her audience and has generated a serious stream of revenue through it, so she will save you the pain of trying to figure it out on your own. The best advice she has ever given me is to “help as many people as you can.” Whether it be advice on video stuff or marketing stuff, this isn’t just video coaching, Tracy is truly a life coach helping me get the best out of my life and business. Tracy’s authentic, she’s incredibly positive and her drive and ambition is infectiously inspiring. If she doesn’t make you want to get things done, I honestly don’t know who will. This girl is the epitome of #girlboss, and she knows what she’s talking about.

Ayesha L.

Makeup Artist and Success Coach to Aspiring Makeup Artists

I wasn’t sure where to start with video. I knew I wanted to use it, but wanted a plan of action. Working with Tracy I got some great practical tips for a beginner on how to get a GOOD video. Her content ideas were extremely helpful and I her encouragement that I’d do great too! I recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking into narrowing focus and branding themselves. GREAT video advice for sure!
Kendra P.

Young Living Consultant

“ I went from having seen 5 clients in 2 years (I'm ashamed to even admit this lol), but as I closed out in October, I had 19 in one month!!! Clarity, direction and confidence. These were missing in my life, until Tracy started coaching me. I met several obstacles in the process almost to the point of being discouraged but she didn't seem the least bit shaken by that.  In fact, she continued to guide me and give me honest feedback about my own thoughts and behaviors. Tracy kept me focused the entire time.  She steered me away from distractions and only pointed me to the best pathway. I love her!!! Trust me, you need her in your life too!"

Joy A.

Parenting Coach

"Tracy has a brilliant mind for business and was so helpful during the process of starting my business. She really helped bring my ideas to life!!!  She was incredibly helpful and available through the entire process. I will never go to anyone else for business know-how because Tracy has it all! I recommend her to any business owner whether it is in the beginning stages, or is in need of realignment or revitalization to increase business. You will not be disappointed, I assure this. She rocks!"

Monique H.

Business Consultant

“I go to Tracy for almost everything in life and business. She is direct and specific with the answers to all my questions. I always leave with a clear perspective and an idea of what my next step will be. I have been able to challenge myself in new ways with her guidance and feedback.”

Sheilah Strong

Beach Body Coach

“Tracy has a passion for her clients. She ignites them with belief that they each have something distinct to offer within our natural passions and dreams. She equips with practical tools and contagious inspiration!”