So….let’s think about this. When people have a problem, where are do they go? They aren't going to Facebook for answers. They aren't going to Instagram for answers...they are going to Google! They will go into the search bar and type "How to Overcome Postpartum Depression" or “How to use X product” or “How to lose weight without exercising.”

An an entrepreneur I want you to learn to appreciate this! These Google searches are super valuable to you because its laser targeted information!

Let’s take the first Google search mentioned above: “How to Overcome Postpartum Depression”With this search you already know the topic - Postpartum Depression

The age range and gender range of the person conducting the search - It’s likely a woman if childbearing age

The Stage of Life they are in - recently had a baby and experiencing this specific problem

If you have a product or service designed for that person - you can now offer them exactly what they want! No facebook ads, no posting in facebook groups 3-5 times a day. All you really need is ONE laser targeted YouTube video that shows up in a Google search that addresses the issues of your ideal client. Easy as pie, right?

Google is the #1 website in the world and currently processes over 40,000 search queries every single second on average (um...that’s a whole heck of a lot). This means that over 3.5 billion searches are happening on Google per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Surely a good chunk of that number will probably be people looking for YOU! Imagine getting in front of your ideal client simply by creating the content that answers the problem in their Google searches! YouTube is the way!!!! Plus it’s FREE, so GET GOOGLEABLE!

You don't wanna just show up when they Google your name, you want to be there when they Google your industry! You want to show up when they are asking questions you already know the answer to!

Plus, did you know that Google actually wants you to make videos! Videos on YouTube (or on your website) increases your chance of being ranked on the first page of a search by 53%!!! Thats prime real estate, baby!!!

So start making those YouTube videos and then get them the heck OFF of YouTube by inserting a call to action directly to your landing page! This gets them from YouTube directly onto your list and into your funnel! The cool part is, this works for you 24/7! So you are list building even while you are sleeping! Ahhhh. Gotta love life as an entrepreneur!

Talk soon,

Tracy Timberlake


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