Is the ONLY part I recommend you memorizing! I have an ABCS formula to video making - and the A stands for "Attention Getter!" memorize your first line!!!! Make it good! Make it great! Make it one that will make people want to keep watching the rest!

I was a girl with a camera and a dream...

First of all, lets just state the obvious here. This video is BAD! Very BAD!!!! hahaha. I was sitting on my bathroom floor, the lighting was awful, angle...not so flattering. And um...those bangs though?

Over 2 million views we are!

I have uploaded over 350 videos on YouTube - this is certainly NOT one that I am proud of lol. But, I keep it up there because it reminds me that we all start somewhere.

Making videos does not come naturally to anyone!!!! Not one single person in the world has curated the perfect video right out the gate - not even Steven Spielberg! And that is ok!

You know that video is important, but the key to getting good at it????

......wait for it....

Get started! Make one video! Then two! Then three! And before you know you will be a pro at video, a celebrity in your niche, and the "go-to" girl you always knew you were!

Video works!!! Don't believe me #justwatch 🙂

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I know that it can be a little overwhelming if you're just starting to consider using video as part of your strategy. So I've created a list of 25 Video Content Ideas to get you started. Would you like to grab your FREE copy?


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