What NOT to do When Starting a YouTube Channel

Just a fair warning, this blog is for those who want to use YouTube for profit…and I’m not talking casual profit either! I am talking, full fledged #Boss status. I used YouTube to build a 6-figure business, and that’s what I teach. So, if you are one of those casual... read more

Ask Tracy T TV – Episode 1

Now, I know that podcasts are totally a cool thing, but…hey!!! I’m a creative, and I am always trying to go against the grain and do something different and THIS IS IT! ASK TRACYT TV!!! Whooo hooooo!!!! Doing my little dance over here, hehehe. If a podcast... read more

Five Things I Learned in One Year as a #Boss

  Just a little over a year ago I officially launched my first course. Three sold out courses, national speaking gigs, dozens of radio, magazine, newpaper, and podcasts features later…I am blown away! Not because it happened…I have learned to trust in... read more

How to Grow Your Email List for FREE using YouTube

So….let’s think about this. When people have a problem, where are do they go? They aren't going to Facebook for answers. They aren't going to Instagram for answers...they are going to Google! They will go into the search bar and type "How to Overcome Postpartum... read more

Four Reasons Why Video Will Be Your BFF in Business

How does one get clients? Maybe you have heard this: Post in Facebook Groups 3-5 times a day Post on Instagram and and don’t forget to use 19,000 hashtags Email your list everyday, and send private messages to 5 people each weekSure! Some of those are solid... read more

The First Line of your Video

Is the ONLY part I recommend you memorizing! I have an ABCS formula to video making - and the A stands for "Attention Getter!" memorize your first line!!!! Make it good! Make it great! Make it one that will make people want to keep watching the rest!I was a girl with... read more