FACT: Consumers have rated YouTubers “as trustworthy” as people they already know.

When a celebrity endorses a product/service, people can get skeptical. When someone on YouTube talks about it, its more "real." We are not paid actors or models. We built careers on being 100% transparent with our audience. This authenticity **BUILDS A BRAND***

When I transitioned from Vlogger to Video Marketing Strategist, my first clients were my subscribers - people who had been following me for months and months (maybe even a year or two!). They knew me. They liked me. They trusted me... It didn't matter if I went from talking about sugar scrubs to video strategy 🙂 They were use to seeing me as an online influencer, as a thought leader, as an EXPERT!

So it is with you, my friend. Put your face in front of your tribe. Share your message in motion and become that "go-to" gal, that online expert, that celebrity in your niche!

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Tracy Timberlake

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