Welcome to the Challenge!!!

I am so glad you are here!!!

Now, you know that the advice you normally get about starting a successful YouTube Channel is: 
get a good camera
get good lighting
And never, ever, ever do it for the money!

Well, I am here to tell you - THEY ARE WRONG!

How do I know? Because I have turned my YouTube Channel into a constant streams of cash, and you can too! That is what this challenge is all about!

But before we begin, here are a few things:

  • THING ONE: Join the A-List Entrepreneurs Facebook Group. That will be home base for this challenge. I will be Live Streaming everyday giving you extra tips and answering your questions. I don't do a lot of 1:1 coaching anymore, so this will give you the opportunity to get support from me, every single day!!!!

  • THING TWO: Check your inbox. Your "Welcome" email should be there by now. If not, be sure to check your spam/junk/clutter/promotion tabs - and move me over to your main inbox so you don't miss any emails from me. 

  • THING THREE: SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!!! I am on a mission to help 500 people start profitable YouTube Channels. Whether you are a singer, a beauty enthusiast, a or an online coach - YouTube can turn you into a household name! Share the love and invite ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Plus, you get 1 extra point per platform (1 point for Facebook, 1 Point for Twitter, etc). 



Starting August 17, you will receive 1 email lesson from me. The email is going to be chocked full of goodies - you don't want to miss them! Here is what will be covered each day. 

  • DAY 1: Setting up your YouTube Channel for success - the 4 Things You Need!
  • Day 2: Becoming and Online Brand
  • DAY 3: How to create content people wanna see - pillar videos NOT filler videos 
  • DAY 4: Getting over the fear of visibility, and standing out in a sea of successfuls
  • DAY 5: LIVE TRAINING - How to have a $10K Payday with ONE Video - my exact strategy for turning one video into a five figure month.
  • At the end of the video there will be a "challenge of the day." This will be your daily assignment. In order to get the point for the day, you will need to complete that challenge. 

    Those who complete all of the assignments will be entered into the giveaway. Remember, you get bonus entries for each time you share the challenge. I will also be giving you the opportunity to earn bonus points throughout the challenge as well! All of those details will be in the daily emails. 

    Giveaway will be announced August 21, LIVE on the webinar!!!
    And if you wanna get a sneak peak of what you will win, GO HERE.

    hats all from me today! Remember, THE CHALLENGE starts August 17!!! 

    Until then my friend!

    Tracy Timberlake